Hallowe’en Prompts!

by Sylvia A. Winters

Hallowe’en has to be, by far, my favourite festival. As children we’d dress up in bin bags and witch’s hats, carve a pumpkin and do some apple bobbing, although the general consensus in this country seems to be that trick-or-treating is an American tradition that annoys people and looks like begging. The one time my mother relented we were staying in a holiday park, and those poor people were completely unprepared. We came away with a couple of sweets and a bit of spare change. Luckily for them we were easily pleased and my brother was allergic to eggs. These days I mostly just do the same stuff but with more alcohol.

Because I love writing ghosts and ghouls and really, anything a little bit paranormal, and because I have no ideas of my own right now, I’m going to be taking prompts over the next few days, up until the 31st, for short stories around 500 words. These can be any genre or pairing you like (just not smut, please, because me trying to write that is mostly just me bashing my face against the keyboard and yelling at myself, and I don’t want my new housemates to think I’m weird). You can use pictures, lyrics, poetry as a prompt, or just a set of keywords for me to work in. Whatever you like.

So if you want a little spooky story for Hallowe’en, just leave me a comment below (: